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June 1, 2018:

Dear Customers,

DUATS services, which enflight depends on for weather briefings and other services, were terminated permanently by the FAA on May 16, 2018. Enflight is currently being converted to obtain data from Leidos (

We have very limited resources but 2 engineers are devoting all their available time to the conversion.

At this moment limited services are operational, most importantly it is possible to get a route plan and personal minimums graphical briefing, i.e. TAF Spirals on a chart. You can print charts as well. Some weather graphics are available. Textual briefing and filing flight plans will not work.

Your subscription clocks were suspended on May 15 and will be resumed once we get enflight working. An email will be sent to all customers who have been active in the last 2 years. Unlike almost all web service web sites we also offer a pro-rated refund at any time on the accounts page.

The sudden announcement of the DUATS closure, giving us 45 days to convert, caught us unprepared. We are sorry to let you down, but we are doing our best to bring enflight back and move it forward.

FAA-Legal Planning, Briefing, and Filing made faster and safer
Personal Minimums Analysis with “At-A-Glance” graphics
NXPert ® NOTAM Analysis
 !  Boston MA (General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl) [BOS]: November NOTAM #88
Runway NOTAM: Runway 15R / 33L closed between north (N) runway 9/27, taxiway lima (L) until November 07th, 2011 at 06:00 PM EST
 ?  Nantucket MA (Nantucket Memorial) [ACK]: September NOTAM #18
Runway NOTAM: Runway 33 visual approach slope indicator (VASI) out of service
 o  Portland ME (Portland Intl Jetport) [PWM]: October NOTAM #4
Runway NOTAM: Runway 36 personnel and equipment working 250 to 600 ft. south runway 36 threshhold daylight weekdays
Readable and Ranked NOTAMs & TFRs !!!
WXPert ® Forecast Analysis
Rochester NY (Greater Rochester Intl) [KROC]
Issued on the 11th at 6:36am EST (1136Z), valid from the 11th at 7am EST (12Z) through the 12th at 7am EST (12Z)
  7am EST (12Z)wind 250° at 8 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, 5,000 feet scattered
  9:00am EST (1400Z)wind 280° at 16 knots gusting to 24 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, showers in the vicinity, 4,000 feet broken
  4:00am EST (0900Z)wind 200° at 10 knots, visibility greater than 6 miles, 5,000 feet broken, wind shear from surface to 2,000 feet AGL: at 2,000 feet, wind 250° at 40 knots.
Conditions along your route
RED - stay in bed,  YELLOW - caution
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What’s New? Better Charts

The FAA has at long last moved to an entirely digital workflow. Previously, the digital versions were made by actually scanning a printed paper chart. The new charts look significantly better than the old.

iPad App

We are hard at work on a native iPad app for in-cockpit use. In the meantime, the website is quite useable on most tablets, but requires an internet connection.


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