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Why do we need all this information, even for a free trial?
Many pilots wonder why we need to gather the information below to let you use the system. It's simple. First, we don't believe that you can fully appreciate what Enflight has to offer unless you use it for real briefings, for real flights. For us to give you a real briefing, a legal briefing, we must be able to identify you to the FAA. Enflight is serious about aviation safety and helping you meet the requirements for your FAA briefing. We'd like you to use Enflight properly from the beginning.

We'd also like you to know that at Enflight your information is safe. It will not be shared with any other organization without your express permission. Thanks for using Enflight!

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Your Enflight Account
Login name  
Please choose a login name by which you'll identify yourself on Your login name may be up to 36 characters long, and may include letters and/or digits (including the @ and the . (dot)), but no spaces or other punctuation marks. Login names are not case-sensitive, so upper and lower case letters may be used interchangeably. We encourage you to use a login name that you'll remember easily rather than a numeric login code that is used on other systems.
Your Enflight password must be at least 5 characters, and may include letters, digits, and punctuation marks but no spaces. We recommend that your password be at least 8 characters long and include one or more non-alphabetic characters. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Confirm Password   (re-enter your password to make sure it's correct)
The Password and Confirm Password must match.
Personal Information
First name 
Middle initial 
Last name 
Suffix   (Jr., III, etc.)
Address 1 
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ZIP/postal code 
Contact information
This phone number will be used as the default for flight plan filing.
E-mail address 
Your e-mail address is an important component of Enflight's services. If you forget your Login Name or Password, we can send that information to your registered e-mail address. Enflight's advanced services can also make use of your email address to direct critical flight information such as currency reminders to you in a timely manner. We also use it to reply to requests you may send to Enflight, and to send you occasional updates about changes to our services. Enflight will never share your e-mail address with others, nor will Enflight use it to send you email other than as described in this paragraph without your permission.
Confirm E-mail   (re-enter your email address to make sure it's correct)
Pilot information
  Your pilot certificate information is needed for certain functions of such as flight plan filing and DUATS-based weather briefings. If you choose not to supply this information, or you are not a certificated pilot, these features will not be available to you. Student pilots should use their medical certificate number (including any alphabetic prefix). Failure to provide a unique, valid datum will disqualify you from certain special offers, and will cause flight plans to be filed as 'test plans' which will be ignored by ATC.
Pilot certificate country 
Pilot certificate number 
Pilot certificate level 
Instrument rated? 
Flight instructor? 
Memberships and Affiliations
  From time to time, Enflight offers special promotions and discounted rates to current members of selected organizations. Please indicate if you are a member in each organization and list your member number if requested.
I'm a member of...    AOPA     EAA     NBAA     SSA   Other: 
AOPA member number 
Enflight utilizes features of the AOPA site to provide certain functions. By providing your AOPA membership number, Enflight can automatically link into the member areas of the AOPA site.
Subscription information
Special offer code     (optional)
If you have a special promotional offer code or a prepaid gift code, enter it here. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
Note: Most special offer codes are restricted to new customers. Please be sure your pilot certificate number or medical certificate number are filled in correctly.
Please note case does matter in special offer codes. If your special offer does not appear, if you do not have a pilot certificate number or
medical certificate number or if you are a former customer who wants to use a restricted special offer code, please contact customer service. Contact Us 
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